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So i just had a dirty phone call.

It was kick ass.

Apart from the fact the nob on the other end had perfected the heavy breathing so much I couldn't actually here what the hell he was saying.

It must have gone something like this;

Voice: *huuuuh* you
Me: Waht? Hello?
Voice: *huuuuuuuh* I know *huuuuuh*
Me: Hello?? I can't hear what you are saying...
Voice: *huuuuuh* out
Me: Waht? Can you speak up?
Voice: *huuuuh* get your *huuuuuuuuh*
Me: Uhhh. Can you call back when you get a better signal??
Voice: *Beeeep* +++ATH

They did call back, 15 minutes later and hung up straight away.
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