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I was going to say something, but I'm honestly not sure what that was.

365 days (1 solar revloution or a year) ago around now I was sitting at my desk assigning a licence for MS Access to someone when suddenly I cheked out the bbc home page, I'd seen unconfirmed reports something had happened in New York.
It took a long time to load the bbc page, longer then usual and that was when I found out.
"Oh shit..." I said.
"Language!" My boss complained.
"Sorry, plane crashed into a building in new york." I retorted.
"Oh...." My boss said looking also at the computer as a small crowd gathered around the computer.
We kinda sat around not saying much before going back to work.
Sounds callass I know but New york is very far away...

Then things got a bit weird.

This is the day when the Internet traffic report almost broke, the sheer surge of users trying to log in and find out what was happening.

I don't honestly recall what I was doing when the second plane hit but I recall just phoning my mom and aasking if she was okay.

I remeber going home in the car with my dad sitting in stunned silence listening to the radio.

I was the only person on the bus into town that evening, I remeber looking out the window all the way, it was
a bright sunny warm day, people were walking on the street, children where playing football, birds were singing and the sun was still shining.

When I got into town I went to Knights of Trinity, we were still in the Illicit Still at that point and I was the first one there for about five minutes before LGS arrived.
"Totatlly crack smoking..." I noted indicating the big screen which had been put on specially.
"Insane..." He commented back.
And we sat and watched, and he had a pint and I drank my irn bru and the waitress drank some red wine.

It was the day that shook the world a tiny bit.

Today, here and now once again I sit in silence, not stunned but reverence.

3000 people, more or less, died that day in New York, Washington and somewhere near Pensilvania.

Yesterday 2000 people, more or less, around the world died beause they couldn't get clean water, most of them were children.

I started out saying, "I was going to say something, but I'm honestly not sure what that was." Maybe it was something like the above, maybe it was about how whilst I feel deeply for those who have lost someone I am very cautious about where our leaders are currently going with "revenge" for what happened, maybe it was about how "September the Elventh" does not quite quantify the situation for me and that a single date does not do justice to the enormity of events that happened one year ago.

But probably I was going to say something about how very proud I am and how humble I feel witnessing genuine love and support, regardless of age, colour or creed; regardless of country or religion.

One year ago people wanted things to get back to normal, to somehow make a silent protest against the violence and terrorism in the world by continuing with thier everyday lives.
I was secretly glad that it took so long, love and simply being there for one another is rare in this disposale society.

May God bless the people of America, may God give them and thier leaders the power to continue despite the overwhelming odd, may God give them the courage to do what is right despite thier anger and may God give them the strength to overcome adversity and from this tragic event become better, stronger and united.

I was going to say something.

So I did but I'm honestly not sure what I wanted to say.

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