Fionacat (fionacat) wrote,


My name is Fionacat Baker.

Man I have an honorofic job title and everything.

Working in a bakery does actually rock quite a lot 'cause it's remarkable reptative and incredibly easy about the hardest thing I did all day was walking home after I'd finished.

Still dunno about these hours, we'll see next week when I have a full week rather then just almost a full week.

I'm 8am to 12pm today now (eep, must sleep soon...) and tommorrow, 1 to 5 Friday and sometime on Saturday (dunno what, will have to check again...)

Sunday is a day of rest.


I work.


Look I do the happy dance now.

On the downside Fallen was a bit pish.

Hacker got very drunk, Camrath got upset and I was a the stage of almost breaking down into tears and hiding under the table.



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