Fionacat (fionacat) wrote,

So the US of A is voting today (apparently, heard it on the news, must be true...) and the rest of the world just kinda goes, "Uh-huh.... That's nice dear. More tea?"

Which is not surprising really after the mess they made of it last time I have to wonder if there's any point to voting since with politics, legalities and "manipulation" of the truth the results will go the way of the money.

Anywho, enogth jaded ramblings and onto the world of me...

B&Q is out thanks to fubar'ing on behalf of my mum, can't track down who it was that actually called me so it's all kinda gone "wibble" there.

Gensis oil are putting the postion on hold until after xmas and I've only just handed in the police one so I dunno about that at all.

GNER tommorrow, should be good.

Well when I say good, I mean intresting.

Well when I saw intresting, I mean not wanting to claw my eyes out...

And ACCORD should be back to me real soon (by end Nov at latest) so there's some good news there.

Now start saving for 30th of November...


Northern Furs meet - Manchester


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