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Or in otherwords, I'm back.

It's only been what, four days.

Not a lot can happen in four days, right.


Dawn of the first day

Thursday, a mad day for many reasons, non of which I can recall now in retrospect but mainly it's just there as the first day without access to the internet.
Oh apart from the getting a job at British Telecom.
Minor thing you know...

Night of the first day

Computer returns, it's seriously dead. Bugger.

Dawn of the second day

Got fired, kinda. Actually it was more a "Yeah, I got a new job thing..." and they (Bakery peebs) were, "Oh, uh... cool, buh-bye."

Night of the second day

Into town, wrote a live action farscape system, it rocks my little cotten socks.

Dawn of the forth day (Monday)

Skipping here because despite a seriously cool and chilled weekend not a lot reallly happened (nothing much does, I like it that way...) and get a call offering another job at Hazelhead academy in the reprographics department, I take this one also.

Which is more or less us upto date apart from today.

Dawn of the final day

Go to school (really, I work in a school...)
Work for some time (@£7/hour)
Go home.
Fix computer (stage 1)
Deltree windows
Install windows 98
Drank weak lemon drink
Spend next six hours recovering system (It's still in 16 color 600 by 800 graphics mode...)
Make this live journal entry.

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