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I'm great how are you?

Outright lie yes but hey, get over it you stupid goth.



This is me smiling on the outside.

So yes... I've spent wot, 48+ hours fixing this £^*(£^ computer so that it works (more or less) and having parentals whine and whine at me for it not working perfectly first time.

Amongst some of the problems has been the deletion (by an aforementioned parental) of MS Word and the subsquant complaints of aforementioned parental that none of the documents worked correctly.


Here's an extract of today's entertainment...

Me, 'You deleted word you complete fucktard, what the hell did you expect?' Is what I'd like to have said, I didn't of course but it had the same kind of tone.

Parental, "Oh... Well that's the first time i've ever done that, can you fix it now?"



Me,'No, I don't know what you did with the office disks that have word on them....'

Parental,"But you've got the disks, that's what you've been doing these past few days, right?"

Me,'*sigh* no, i've been getting the computer's brain back online so it worked period it's a slow process (upgrading from win95 to win98 via complete low level format.)'

Parental,"Well get to fixing it then!!"


After I managed to eventually get the printer working (had to get a new one 'cause the old one is just buggered.) and managed to get the moniter displaying the right settings and the fun of today going, "Hang on... Something a bit wrong here." and finding Klez lurking on my hard drive I'm getting to my wits end with this.

I'm getting to the point of if pushed just saying, "Stick it!", yes to my parentalts, and letting them try figure it out on there own since i've been doing all the damage control thus far.

I want to get out of here.

I want to get away from here and into Aberdeen.

That would be nice.

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