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So uh yeah....

I was going to do a generic merry christmas to all and to all a good night but that was just so passe I decided to write some nonsense and even <lj-cut> it so you didn't have to read it.

Here's the gift of christmas
The world at it's best
We mustn't forget
The gift of christmas
It reminds us
Of the rest...

So what is the gift of christmas, well Christan peebs (which I cound myself as one of) will drone on about how it's God bringing into the world a symbol of hope, an avatar of salvation.

Very few would use those words prefering to define Jesus as a physical embodiment of God's love to the world.

There are however (understandably) many who have other points of view and will stay to that, "Load of codswollop!" (only prehaps use slightly harsher language) hence my own weird wording.

Did around 2000 years ago a child born by the Will of God come into the world?

That's a matter of faith.

Faith does incredibly things, it moves us to the pinacles of creating masterpieces and yet can drive us to fight bloodier wars then all the resources in the world put together.

Prehaps that's why some folks have less faith, they believe less because they have seen the horrors that can be done by and for faith.

I started writing this an hour ago and have been distracted or trying to think exactly what I want to say and i'm still not sure i've actually written what I want, it seems to be all there but just missing the point.

Bah humbug and

Merry Christmas

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