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The Cenfur is intended to provide a snapshot of various aspects of members of the furry subculture at the end of 2002/start of 2003.

The Cenfur project started in 2002 as an attempt to gather information on the furry subculture and it's members, the first run was rather poor and more a test of how well such a operation would go in future years.

What little information that was obtained from the 2002 cenfur's has been of great use in providing as such the response was excellent and we hope that many who helped us with the 2002 cenfur will also contribute to this newer update.

It's now yet again the dawn of a new age, and hence the 2003 cenfur is now ready to be taken, bigger and better then before and actually using proper questions this time with almost no mishtakes.
You can find the website are or if that don't work for some reason at
I hope you can find time to fill in the cenfur and build an accurate snapshot of the UK fandom in 2003.

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