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I'm getting slightly miffed with folks on northernfurs list telling me to go off and make my own channel.

Apparently nobody actually uses thier eyes anymore, because I don't give a shit about who has ops there just simply needs to be more ops, period.

Point in case, since the takeover (and yes that's what I'm calling it now because that's exactly what it was no matter what colour you want to paint it) there have been several problems with the operations of the channel.

Death threats against furs, direct non-implied sex (which last time I checked is actually against server policy....), Spamverters spamming to channel AND THEN coming back with the same spamvert later.

There's others too I'm sure, but i'm not there most of the time and peebs often just settle for the status quo rather then risk getting flamed and shouted at by folks who are supposed to be friends.

Well go fig, I don't mind that kind of heat.

Meh, got distracted by work things and completly lost the thread of this now...

Probably had something to do with fish at this point.



Sounds good about now.
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