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It's a wonderful life


Full of things going from being one thing to another.


Change is ... worrying.

Change threatens security but we need change less we stagnat and turn into monkeys again.

I'd like to be a monkey by the by, having a proper tail would rock.

So yes, it went something like this;

nmonkeyj's flat

Was going to run spycraftage again, fell asleep before everyone came back, quite embarrasing really.

Was babysitting for Hacker and Khrissie, this involved mostly playing X-Box games and watching sky one.

Find out from Carlton that Hazlehead contract expired on Friday, well gee thanks a lot there mate.
Then went off to Glasgow with Thumper (I forget his ljnick just now thumperrabbit??) to see Tori Amos live in concert which was pretty cool but not as cool as HOWEY DAVE who was uber cool and I met, which was neat.
Oh and some quine wearing an Emily Strange hoody (with cat ears) then back to Sandra (My Sister) and George (Brother in law) to crash out dead for the night.

Woke up, phoned work to see if I could stay in Glasgow and do some shopping in exchange for of course being able to do full time training the rest of the week (now I don't work at Hazlehead) my LM said; "Oh sorry that course started today, you can't join it now." Which made me quite angry and despite sleeping all the way back to Aberdeen it was dreams of revenge.

Merf, still worse things happen in Glasgow.

Like Fatty Arbuckles, went there to eat and it was really really shite, food was cold and it took ages to get it (which may explain the coldness of the food) and drinks took way to long to order.

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