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Last day - Hazelhead

Oooh yeah I was gonna tell ya about me last day @ Hazlehead (I didn't know it was last day then and LIvejournal was a bit ill...)

Kevin (that's me boss) walked in with a box and said, "Hey Runt come see this."
Firstly he called me Runt, he does that oh so rarely and then there's the come see this.

The only time he asks me to looksky at things is when he has evil teeny tiny spiders of doom.

I don't like small spiders, trantulats, wolfs, anything I can see I don't mind too much but the smalls ones are the kind that just make me freak so I brace myself for of course a spider in the box.

So he opens the box with a super wide grin, I'm suspecting that maybe he's figured I don't like spiders.

So when he opens the box and there's a small scuttling thing inside I blink, it's not a spider it's big and grey, so I peer into the box more carefully and see it's a wee field mouse.

It was so cool, even if it hadn't been my last day it will be something I ain't gonna forget anytime soon.

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