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merfle, saturday was kinda fun, spycraftage was strange and then on sunday I mostly played magic: The Gathering.


Spycraft was really cool, one of the characters was supposed to die but uh didn't twice, which was unexpected but kinda cool...

Magic however was lame, as usual. I don't know why I play magic, I really really hate it.
I came in last place (on purpose I'd like to think...) but did kinda have fun...
The latest Magic expansion is called "Legions" I recall the first offical set released (Alpha) and have been vaugly playing it every so often but haven't really been all that impressed with anything but "Mirage"

So yeah (I'm editing this now having hit POST by accident) there's other card games I enjoy more, not only because they are more fun (case in point, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, even Lord of the Rings) but also have more fun people playing them, plus the tournament lastest about seven hours during which time I could have been doing other fings.

Still there are worse ways to spend a weekend, but I don't think i'll be playing Magic again for at least another five or six weeks.

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