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How I saw the light, twice.

Last night whilst playing Exalted...

I was playing a "Dragon-Blooded", which is fine except they don't come from dragons but the Earth and ... never mind.

Anywho the whole idea of the game is you are a supernatural thingy, your mystical powers awoken by one of the celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, Earth, Other Planets) and once you are awoke you are fixed into that form.

So here I am a 16 year old dragon-blooded, my powers awoke when I was 9 and I stopped a huge forest fire.

Then in game we start to learn things, like how I was adopted and how there are other things in the world.

At some point I realise that whilst I am dragon-blooded because my powers awoke so early on I also had the potential to be a Lunar, it's just the blood had snapped into place first.

So on my 16th birthday I go outside and look up, there's no moon so I draw one on the ground and apologise to the moon for awakening before she had a chance to talk to me and show me her realm.

This is when things get ... weird and the weird turn pro.

The moon suddenly appears, not in the sky but from the drawing on the ground and grinning slightly burns out the blood so that she can reawaken me.

Which she promply does.

Which is how my character became Exalted, again...

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