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Before a stunning and brilliant revelation of the weekend, a couple of shout outs;

Advanced Warriors requires a shout out for being pure cheese but bloody excellant.

The Maitland hotel also gets a shout for saving me £40, but more on that now...


So woke up and got to the station, no problems there but arrived in Edinburgh 45 minutes late, YES 45 minutes.

From there things just kinda got worse, went to the Premierlodge by expensive taxi (the wrong one but we didn't know this at the time) and was told e-reservation did not go through and sorry they were full.

So walked back to station and talked to travel people there and got directions to Compulsion as well.

The only place the travel people had was the Maitland hotel at £40 per person plus a five pound service charge, meaning that I have very little cash now so with much stressedness get another taxi to the Conpulsion HQ and managed to get there only about an hour behind schedule which was fine as cons are generally running that late anyway.

So went to play LOTR PDQ which is a MAJOR tournament and the only one in the UK this year, wrote out me deck list, shuffled my deck, sat down pulled out my first site location and was THEN told that I was using the wrong sites (The Lord Of The Rings card game has two "site lines" and I was using the older one rather then the new expansion which I don't have many off...) so I had to pull out.

At this point I rushed back upstairs because at the same time there was a Vampire: The Eternal Struggle tournament that had just started so I got an effective Bye-loss for the round meaning I'd have to win the next round to get to the finals.

So sat down opposite someone playing almost the same deck as me which caused all sorts of problems (because in Vampire: The Eternal Struggle if you have the same card NEITHER of you get it and you slowly loose blood due to it being there...) so didn't do very well.

The only other thing I really did was play in the Raw Deal tournament where I came in last, but it was at least fun.

Left conpulsion and wondered around town trying to find hotel for about an hour...


Arrived at the Maitland at about 23:58 so it was still Saturday and the last bit of bad luck finished as the computer for reservations crashed.

At this point the man behind the desk said, "Hey! You have two rooms not one, you want only one room so you save £40?" it was now 00:03 on Sunday and a good day thus far.

Went to sleep, woke up and headed back to the con, and then mostly sat and chilled for the day.

Didn't do much of anything which was nice.

Headed back home on train and arrived back going to visit nmonkeyj and play more V:TES.


Yes, kinda crappy.

Supposed to be doing it again in a few weeks with a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament but don't know, if it costs that much again then hell no but otherwise maybe...

And MUST go to Gencon.

Simply must.

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