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Gulf War begins (again)

So yeah was up at ... 0300 something to see it actually start.

Was watching it on ITV and it was kinda funny because of course there wasn't a lot happening, this is war reporting at it's very best.

On the left we have a fuzzy picture of Baghdad and on the right we have the reporter.

Of course you ignore the reporter, it's not like he's going to be saying anything usefull or intresting.

So in the 15 minutes of WAR I watched, what happened?

Two land rovers and I think it was a Volkswagon drove along the fuzzy road in a very calm manner.

Nixon said, "If the president does it, it's not illegal."

Now hey, I know that Bush needs a bad guy to frag (after Osama getting away and all...) and that Saddam should have probably been deposed X years ago by his dad.

However we'll see.

If we can see that is...

I'm pretty sure this will be written in a tiny little chapter of history as, "After the year 2000 lots of bad stuff happened but nobody really noticed."

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