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So yeah I wrote a thing about London and Gencon but most of it is rubbish and long and ... rubbish.


2000 - 0000 Friday

Was Marshalling during this slot, mostly getting water for peebs but also trying to get players for games, by this point it was obvious there was a problem as so few players turned up, not because they didn't want to but because they had no tickets for it.

0120 - 0544 Saturday

Was playing Living Greyhawk and was vastly outmatched, was a nuts game where I managed to not get dead (despite other party members getting almost minced with -7hp and stable whilst facing a big nasty fiendish dire wolf and a -32hp critical fatality (against a 3rd level cleric as well) that made us all almost run away...)) in a APL 4 scenario with mostly first level characters so only need to play in one more Living greyhawk to level really...

0544 - 0750 Saturday

Played Fluxx and Lunch Money many many many times until...

0751 - 1255 Saturday

Front desking which mostly sat behind a desk saying, "Yes, we don't know anything..." which was pretty bad news really. Not much to do but drool over Sewerside poster and smile cutely.

1255 - 1355 Saturday

Left for the fur meet, took an hour by tube to get there.

1356 - 1920 Saturday

The Joene Celeste, well it ain't no Devonshire Arms that's for sure, but despite some new people it's good to see the clique eliteism of London furs is still the uncaring bastion of shit that it always has been.
At least I got to chat to Tippus who i've not seen since Therians (and he was saying how Therians is going to be the same rubbish set up as last year.) and also got to talk to some other people, many of whom I only barely recognised.

1921 - 1955 Saturday

Wondered around with Pete Darkfox, MaiaFox and Arckrune (I think, it was very early my head hurt lots...) and got pizza

1956 - 2103 Travel back to Olmypia

2104 Saturday - 0806 Sunday

Front desking again and also Marshalling at the same time, manged to get Call of Cthulu running (despite there being only two players I managed to harrass people until 6 folks were playing!) but otherwise a very quiet night, fed Baz pizza.

0807 - 0834 Sunday

Went to King's Cross to meet with Pete Darkfox

0835 - 0950 Sunday

Travelled back to Pete's place

1000 - 1824 Sunday


1824 Sunday - 0320 Monday

Ate some food, played some computer games, slept again a little.

0320 - 1100 Monday

Slept yet more

1105 - 1150 Monday

Went from Pete's to Olympia again.

1300 - 1922 Monday

Was on the Front Desk again, helped clean up lots and sat there waiting for Gencon 2003 to finish, was kinda sad mostly when the security people kicked us out early...


So that was the last GenconUK ever, no end of Gencon party, no big finish, instead just getting kicked out of Olympia by the security people (the slot was supposed to run until 2000 as well...) at the end.

If Amsterdam is as bad then it may kill Gencon Europe off...

Oh and there was a bunch of whining I wrote as well, but it was lame so I cut it out.

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