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Meme's of transport

Taken from kinkyturtle who got it from vakkotaur

Dry Land:

Tricycle? Yep, was a little tiny toddler at the time however.
Bicycle? Yep, used to cycle to Aberdeen and back.
...built for more than one? Nope
Unicycle? Once, and not for very long.
Skates (old fashioned)? Yes
Skates (in-line)? Nope
Pogo-stick? Nope
Moving walkway? Yep
Escalator? Yep
Elevator? Yep
...that wasn't automatic? Nope
Wheelchair? Nope
Used crutches? Nope
Used a cane (not just as a prop)? Just as a prop, yep.
Driven a three-wheeler ATV? Nope
Driven a four-wheeler ATV? Yep
Driven a minibike? Nope
Motorcycle? Nope A what now?
Driven a car? Yep
...with manual transmission? ... They come in another variety?! UK cars are all manual.
Driven a truck (any, small pickups count)? Nope
...with manual transmission? Nope
Driven a larger truck (moving van, semi) Nope
Driven a bus (beside a VW Microbus)? Nope
Tractor (small - lawn)? Nope
Tractor (large - farm)? Yep
Tractor with other machinery attached? Yep
Locomotive? Used to lots, not so much now.
...steam-powered? Yep
...oil-fired? Nope
...diesel-electric? Yep, Yep
All-electric locomotive? (trolley, subway, etc.)? Yep
Been at the controls of any while underway? Nope
Been in a squad car? ... uh maybe more then once.
...lights and siren going? Yep
...and you were driving? Nope
Been in an ambulance? Nope
...while injured? Nope
...with lights & siren going? Nope
...and you were driving? Nope

Cat/bulldozer? Nope
Other construction machinery? Nope
Tank? Been in one, not driven.
Other military vehicle (beyond truck, jeep)? If a Harrier Jump Jet counts, yep.

Snow & Ice:

Ice skate? Yep, that hurt...
Snow shoe? Nope
Ski (cross country)? Yep, that hurt lots as well.
Ski (downhill)? Yep, hey guess what; that hurt as well.
Saucer sled? A what now?
Non-saucer, non-steerable sled or toboggan? Yep, yep and yep.
Steerable sled (Flexible flier, etc.)? Nope
Dog-sled? Yep, but was just sitting, that didn't hurt incidentally.
Sleigh? Nope
Snowmobile? Yep
Been on a sled or such pulled by snowmobile? Nope
Snowplow (not a truck with a plow)? Been in one, not driven.


Been on animal powered conveyance? Yep, Horse and carrage
Drive it yourself? Yep, as above.
Ridden an animal (relatives don't count)? Yep, Horses, Donkeys
...with the animal not hand led or connected to something? Yep
Ridden an animal not normally considered a riding animal? Kinda
...what was it? Been on an elephant, that was very nifty.


Swam? Yep, quite a bit
Really, or did you just dog-paddle? Breast stroke, front crawl I can even just about Butterfly.
S.C.U.B.A. dive? Nope
Deep sea dive? Nope
Raft? Not really, been on amusement park rides like.
Surfed? Nope
Bodysurfed? Nope
Rowed a boat? Yep
Sailed (wind propulsion)? Yep
Water-ski? Nope
Jet-ski? Nope
Boat with outboard motor? Yep
...control it yourself? Yep
Boat with inboard motor? Yep
...control it yourself? Yep
Peddle-powered watercraft? Yep, it was rubbish
Paddle-wheeler/riverboat? Nope
Been on a sightseeing boat? Yep
Been on a ferry boat? Yep
Been on a houseboat? Yep
...overnight? Nope
Ocean-going (or Great Lakes) ship? Not quite, Aberdeen to Denmark via cruiser.
Submarine? Nope
Diving bell/bathysphere? Yep, been inside a diving bell whilst on tour of a diving vessel with my dad.


Ridden a glider? Nope it yourself? Nope
Ultralight/microlight? Nope
Open cockpit, single engine plane? Nope it (at all)? Nope
Any single engine prop. plane? Nope it (at all)? Nope
Twin engine prop. plane? Nope it (at all)? Nope
Jet? Yep it (at all)? Nope
Jet, not commercial? Nope it (at all)? Nope
Fly any of the above from takeoff to landing? Nope
Hot air balloon? Nope
Helium balloon? Nope
Blimp? Nope
Helicopter? Yep, that was really brilliant
Parachute? Nope
Gyro? Nope
Been launched or assisted by catapult/steam? Nope
Anything rocket propelled or assisted? Nope


Hovercraft? Yep
...over water? Yep
Cable car/gondola? Yep
Ever been 'telepresent' (remote manipulation)? uh... Don't think so.
...that was more than flipping bits over the net? ?

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