Fionacat (fionacat) wrote,

Meme results

Ever eaten a rotten donut from battie Yes, but not on purpose, it was vile and horrible and full of penacillin goodness.

What do you want from llyander Hmmm, just now I'd like some chocolate in teh long term I would like a tail.

Think it's worth trying to find another job in Aberdeen, or should I try and get the hell out of here? percible Depends, there's very few jobs that are worth it in Aberdeen but if you can get one of them you will be sorted, otherwise yep, getting the hell out of Aberdeen is a "good idea"(tm)

Chicken Tika? =3 xandar Noooooooo..... Makes me go all wibbly bad in the toiletry department...

Do you like to, you know! I'm not gonna say but *wink*. Do a little fish and chips. I'M TALKING DOWNTOWN! xellimon ... Uh ... I think the answer is a most definite maybe.

What is your favourite taste? kytheraen Hmmmmm.... Lately it has been Cheese+Tomato+Kebab pizza but generally I really love Poutine (Chips + Cheese + Gravy) It looks so wrong but tastes so gooooood.

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