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Trustmatix now says;

1: ytaya, Removed during Blogathon no real inclination to add again.
2: shelltune, I'm pretty sure was added and never deleted... [+Added]
3: darksasami, Dunno, someone from #wt, knows Beth quite well. Hmmm...
4: akira114, UK Furry, think I've heard of them.
5: ranma_e, Another #wt peeb?
6: kalipha, UK Furry, again name rings a bell.
7: shandower, US Fur, furrymucker?
8: damnportlanders, A community for people who live in Portland, USA.... Something I have a great intrest in....
9: vulpeculatf, UK furry, vaugly know think could be a secret alt id kinda thing... [+Added]
10: glittercoma, US furry, know slightly, furrymucker iirc.
11: spoothbrush, Lari from #wt
12: pebblepup, UK furry, think i've met once. [+Added]
13: vikkilynn2002, Dunno at all, again an apparently random choice.
14: astraldemon, "This journal has been deleted", hmm, vaugly recall Astraldemon...
15: kageri, UK peeb, pretty sure was on list at one point also [+Added]
16: kensaro, Eurofur (Netherlands), can't say I've heard of them.
17: 2_gryphon, Hmm, yes thought 2 would be on this list. Again no intention of adding.
18: sharpanther, Eurofur, (Rotterdam), can't say i've heard of them.
19: captain18, Cap of #wt.
20: divinepurgatory, Another #wt person, Probably know who, just can't think...
21: feren, Another #wt person, seen on channel a few times.
22: deathbecomethme, UK peeb, another random choice.
23: angelislington, US peeb, have heard of a few times.
24: g3ng4r, "This journal has been deleted", hmmm, but I recall g3ng4r being on my friends list, nice chap.
25: rogue_summers, It's Rouge, hmmm uk fur. Should be on my friend list [+Added]
26: paidmembers, Community for paid members...
27: sisco, Brazz's mate fing, should be on list [+Added]
28: fleet, Vegetarian/vegan UK furry kitty, recall being shouted at by him lots.
29: jouva, US furry, heard of them.
30: colifox, UK furry, heard of but didn't really get to know that well...
31: tabriscoonz, US Fur, think i've heard of them.
32: shoukanju, UK fur? Dunno anything about them.
33: electionday, Dunno another #wt person i'd guess... Did however know RDFox, who I added.
34: chapeljax, US fur, haven't heard of them.
35: mr_wigg, UK fur, can't say i've heard of them.
36: freakusgeekus, Fur I guess, dunno anything at all about them.
37: shy_matsi, US Fur, know of them.
38: starglider, UK fur, heard of them as well
39: rhi_silverflame, Shanie from #wt.
40: kawaii_marti, US Artist, quasi-random choice?
41: yukigirl, Unknown quantities, completly random choice?
42: loganberrybunny, UK Fur, cant' say I've heard of them.
43: ripner, US Fur, i've heard of think i've met online.
44: julseykit, US Peeb, random choice.
45: afya, UK fur, Heard of them.
46: bakedfurs, hmmm... Not into that kinda thing...
47: branded_bunni, UK fur, can't say i've
48: swift_fox, US babyfur, spoken online a couple of times. [+Added]
49: xmen_rogue, It's Rogue, again... Hmmm.
50: navajo, Furry, lion, heard of them...

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