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So in case ya didn't know squeekdamouse which is like Squeeky on line and another IRC avatar is a babyfur.

And he's been moderatly dragging me into the babyfur scene as well, like everywhere it's a mostly weird place when you first arrive with a few really scary people however unlike anywhere else i've been to date (and i've travelled around the internet quite a bit) at least everyone inside is friendly and so very open to new people.

Mmmkay yeah there's a lot of people from outside that attack and go "Rargh! Have a pointed stick IN YOUR EYE!!!" (apparently) but hey for now Squeeky seems to be happy with it.

Which makes me sorta uncofortable but happy all the same.

I'll probably move this entry to private soon and then delete it, or maybe not even post it in the first place.

Nah, let's hit the button and go back to work for the next 3.25 hours and not worry about it until I get home.

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