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Quoth Mintaka youngvanwinkle (and that's off the top of me head at 0245 so it's probably wrong, will fix in edit...); Revolutions: ...eehhhh.

Not that there was anything wrong with it like.

Fun film, lots of action.

Lots and lots of action.


Maybe a little bit of explination amongst that action was a little too much too ask for?

Second film in a very short time that's left me going, "What the hell, did I miss something there?" (other was Once upon a time in Mexico) which is probably an attempt to make me feel more towards the characters and the situation they are in.

But it just pissed me off a bit.

"W...Why did he explode?" ... W..What was that about.

Oh and the end credit trawl, meh no secret cookies, just a few intresting credits like Sanskrit translator.
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