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The art of war

Were I to seriously condiser killing Presiden George Bush for more then five minutes i'm sure I could come up with a plan to assinate him, probably spending the rest of my life in jail sure but all the same ensuring that the world is purged forever of this problem.

Not that I have any problems with Mr Bush, I'm sure if you actually talk to him he's a nice enogth guy not quite world leader material but hey who is...

My problem is with the current levels of crap, political correctness beyond belief (some people really need to be told, "Shut the fuck up, stop being so bloody stupid. IT DOESN'T MATTER.") and the media spin machine of propaganda.

Now sure there's a bunch of politically motivated reasons why one would want to Kill George but most of them are really boring so I'd be killing him for fun mainly (and profit, I'm sure I can talk some terrorist leaders into a bounty on his head...)

Now the act, nothing fancy, nothing subtle just a nice large stick forced into the eyes very quickly, penetrating brain and killing him dead, amazingly easy (stick = walking stick) and yeah, actually doable.

But alas, I won't be killing Mr Bush quite yet, much as it pains me to say this, he could be doing a lot worse.
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