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On the destruction of the great ring of power and the conclusion of middle earth.

So I got the last seat in for the showing and before ROTK I watched Brother Bear (Then I took NMJ on a crazy car ride across town to pick up his computer) before scooting back to watch THE movie.

Uh and yeah, it was pretty much what I expected, you've seen the trailer, lots of battles some more battles and yep, even more battles.

There's a few gripes I had with the movie, it starts with Smeagol killing his cousin Deagol (the relationship is implied from the book, otherwise it's just two random hobbit types...) in what was one of a few scenes that just seemed kinda forced, Smeagol sucked doing this and yeah power corruption blah blah blah but meh maybe I wanted them just to throw it away and have a laugh about it before cutting to Smeagol/Gollum who finds it and kills the two hobbits just in case.

A good number of comedy breaks, things which make you actually laugh at which is required in a film with such a heavy weight to it, 'tis after all the last of the triology (barring making a Hobbit prequel and of course the special edition CD rom)

I think I noticed a few continuity errors as well, that's bad 'cause it means I wasn't paying attention properly to what was important.

However, it's a film.

It's a pretty good film as well.

Oh and do stay for the nice credits, fully illustrated, and see if you can work out what the elvish says...

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