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Today I am mostly quite ill.

And I forgot my satchel of stuff which means I am lacking the basic tools I usually have, I am reduced to a mini-screw driver, a collar and a security pass.

This could be bad.

My intention is to probably waffle about here at work until finished, (Because going home ill would initiate a disciplinary thingy what not) whilst using company resources to try find another job (little luck thus far...)

Tonight I may go around to Mr King et all just because it'll make me smile, and that's never a bad thing.

Filmage et spoilers (The Last Samurai)

Yes, good.

IMNSHO Better then ROTK. Really.

And no, I still don't "hate" ROTK, it's just the focus in Last Samurai is so much better then in ROTK, there's a clear and very well realised story arc, ROTK to me still feels a little too fragmented.

Other goodness, Billy rocks in it as does actually Tom Cruise he's like acting and everything.


Apart from that I did spot one mistake (but not until after the film) one of the characters just vanishes, I reckon he's on the cutting room floor because he's set up as an important bridge between old and new and *poof* he just vanishes after the first part.

Uh and yesh the poem, how does the poem bloody end?

Maybe that's how, in blood...
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