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From bhata

1. What is your opinion of the situation that G.W. Bush has put America in?

Jnr or Snr?

Both have done things which are funny.

However let's assume Jnr, he has managed to show just how incredibly badly things can be done, from an illegal ellection to an illegal war.
My opinion, i'm impressed.

Really, here's a guy who (from what I gather) has an IQ of a high school student that's managed via sneaky tactics, careful manouvring and promises to old buddies become one of the most important people in the world.

Now that's style.

As for what he's done with America, who cares? Americans don't and the rest of the world know that the Americans are "brash" and will do things that most other countries wouldn't.

2. What/When was the first time you discovered the existence of the furry kingdom?

There's a kingdom of furries?

... Uh I think not.

If you mean when did I first find out about the Furry Fandom it would have been in ye olde BBS of 1990, was a fun text only board which had a few toon peebs on it.

3. What's the most important thing you've learned from all of your past experiences?

I have mostly failed to learn from past experience, the most important thing I've fonud is falling from heights hurts, lots.

4. What is your favorite quote ever, and how has it effected you?

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King Jr.
It's a quote I head quite recently and it was requoted by Wil Wheaton (he of infamous geek infamy) I only now realise it's been how i've lived my virtual life, speaking (shouting?) out about things which matter.
Of course matter is a relative subject...

5. Who was the first character you ever roleplayed as?

My first roleplaying chracter was a Human I can't quite recall the name of in Fizzgig's WFRP, I recall he lost his arm to a major demon (after doing 14 damage with a frying pan)

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