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Well a quick thanks to Rowntrees, the people who make Fruit Pastelles, I managed to get a pack with nothing but lime which was nice as I like lime fruit pastelles, so I mailed them asking how often this kind of thing happens.

Not only did I get a reply they are sending me some promo mailing stuff as way of apology that my packet wasn't perfect.
How great a company is that?

(I had another pack today and alas, they weren't all lime =))

I also have to thank Travelodge, 'cause I messed up and made a booking on the Sunday, when in fact it should have been for the saturday, as Matt cleverly noted I could have in theroy turned up 0001 on Sunday and said, "Yes, i'd like my room _NOW_" and they'd be in a bit of a pickle, but I rebooked it for Saturday night/Sunday Morning.

Uhhhh.... Apart from that everything has been slow, quiet and rather dull.

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