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I'm at work just now, wanna chat?

Join me atta in #otherdeen (1300 to 1800) otherwise leave a message and i'll get back to you.
In case of emergancy call me on +44 771 811 11 51

But wait!!

It's after 1800 and i'm not back, where am i?

Monday - Duels, Yu-Gi-Oh and Vs. running that kind of thing with the help of knights of trinity, it's fun if somewhat crazy and hard. Generally I go to the pub after, return here 2100 or 0000

Tuesday - Knights, Roleplaying stuff, will be back 0000

Wednesday - 1/3 days I work on Wednesday and hey i'm working now, i'll be back here around 1900ish.

Thursday - Rings, Card game stuff then pub after, will be back around 0000

Friday - Generally will get home 1900ish sometimes leave for cinema so forget to unset this...

Saturday - I work Saturdays, get back 1900ish...

Sunday - I don't work Sunday, i forgot to unset something...

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