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Well ha!

I'm going to a con this weekend and it's one of the most exclusive con's EVEH.


Or not, it's the annual DrakCon at the limits of nowhere, I shall mostly be going there in the attempts to actually get into Living Force.

It won't happen I know but I can but try.

In other news, nmonkeyj rocks, his Delta Green game rocks also and I'm annoyed I had no paper to take notes and was embarrased to ask for more after ripping mine up for little GM notes.

There's a Spycraft CCG out uh today now, more things to spend money I don't really have on.

Two commisions in the works, one of Squeeky and heck I might even get one of Runt, he's only been drawn once back in ... 1998ish.

Bugger i'm old.

Later today, when there's like sun and stuff, I will go to the bank, send off some money, get money for the bus and then go force thumperdarabbit to play Legend of Lodross or Project Zero II.

Oh and someone remind me to print out cards, i'll know what that means.

I hope.
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