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Darkcon, uh I mean Drakcon was an unbeliable steaming pile of poo, it was just so incredibly rubbish.

Thank goodness for Paul, Aetherknight and other folks that were there making it actually quite fun.

Additionally i'm getting kinda ... I dunno annoyed, am I annoyed, yeah I guess i'm annoyed with various folks I know online continually asking me to roleplay with them.

It's all I ever seem to do and whilst it's fun I wanna just chat and chill sometimes.

Additionally when I do say "No" and then get comments such as;

[19/07@19:35] ???: you don't know how much I need it right now.
[19/07@19:35] ???: FI! FI!
[19/07@19:36] ???: COME BACK!

Ya know that makes me feel guilty and like I'm doing something icky by not playing.

I know that's probably what the other person wants but meh...

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