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So yes, guess who's the sober one again.

I love not drinking it makes everything so much fun.

Take earlier this evening, trying to tell people, "You've had too much to drink" 6 glasses of whine is too much for folks that usually don't drink and are already starting to slur speech and piss me off by recanting that same information multiple times, I know you don't recall telling me that's  because you are drunk, I however am not and I heard you the first four times.

It's put me in a foul mood, I just banned Kitsuna who I really like and love playing with because she asked me once if I was in a playing mood, so uh sorry Suna, i'll unban you as soon as I'm awake in the morning.

My eye hurts, it's got nummy pus in it for some reason and it's just inside the eyeball so I can't dig it out as usual, or I can but there's still more back there.


I wanted to get away for New Year, lack of cash and being required to drive people screwed that over.

Still there's a light, a dazzling brilliance that can't be hidden, a glorious hope that somehow we will make it.

To where?

What will happen when we get there?

I don't know i'm just here for the ride mainly, sometimes it's the journey that matters and this has been one bumpy trip and we've lost so much along the way but I'm holding on until the end.

This has gone on for a while now, so i'll end with a song.

But what song, you heard the meme song just now, it's a good song.

Here's my other song.

Lend me your faith.
Give me your stength
Tell me your fears
I will avenge
And Love
Our wills unite, combine as one.

I am your strength
You are my will
Tell me your dreams
I'll make them real
And Love

It doesn't have a last line just now, but it makes me feel better just humming it.

I used my "Relaxed" user icon, because I guess I am.


Good night
Sleep tight
Don't let the bed bugs bite.

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