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Can't be a good sign i've been up two hours and it's getting slightly surreal.

It started about two hours ago when a large bat knocked on my window and asked if I wanted a drink.

Now normally you know strange bats at night I tend to scream and hide under the covers whimpering until morning, but ehh I was really thirsty so Mister Bat (really dull parents apparently) popped my dressing gown on me and we flew over Westhill to Skene where the Old Man lived in his cave.

Now it's unlikely you know of the old man who lives out at the Loch of Skene but some say he's old Nick, others say he's just a crazy guy, I wasn't prepared to take my chances so had Mister Bat go first.

Alas Mister Bat is now soup and i'm running in the dark wearing only my PJ's and dressing gown as I peg it out of there.

That's when the moon comes out from behind some clouds and asks if i'd like a hand, what with the seeing in the dark and all not working very well.

I thank the moon and with the new slightly illuminated countryside running isn't so hard and I barefoot most of the time anyway so it's not that bad.

I only just got home just now only to find Camrath and Enty (My plush lions) have turned my bed into a fort and using Magic:The Gathering cards with sharpened edges to defend it.

Wish me luck, i'm going to counter with BattleTech models.

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