Fionacat (fionacat) wrote,


It's getting worse, Camrath and Enry have drafted Pikachu to guard the fort and they are demanding a tribute or ... a shurbbery.

I showed them the shurbbery outside but they laughed and threw ear wax at me.

The war has escalated, it's hard to fight a war when they just keep going *poof* and unsummoning my battlemechs...

Initially this was the best picture  I could have my leet ninja mechwarrior take...

However one brave soldier attached a camera and this was the last image that I recieved

That's Captain Camrath on the right, Major Enty on the left and Pikachu guarding the fort.

An idea suddenly struck, I'd use my magical siege tank

It would be immune to unsummoning!

And it was!

But alas, the war continues as Pikachu

Headbutted the poor magical siege tank sending it flying only to tower over it in victory.

It's getting dark and there's not much hope left, maybe it's time to reopen negotiations...
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