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A breif late night triste on fur

Oog it's like almost 3am I should not be writing this I should be in bed as i'm feeling a little funny (too much sugar I think...)

This may get long and rambling...

Fur.ry fûr (Adj.)
1. Consisting of or similar to fur.
2. A) Covered with, wearing, or trimmed with fur.
B) Covered with a furlike substance.
3. Having a furlike quality, as in tone; fuzzy: a furry voice.

Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

But there's another term for Furry (colq. Abstract collective noun)

1. A creature with some anthropomorphic features.
2. A fan of def 1 (plu. Furries)
3. A group of def 2 that form a loose sub-culture.

So there we go.

Now let's look at the other term for furry in steps.

1. A creature with some anthropomorphic features.

What the hell does that mean?

Well basically it's a creautre with human or near-human attributes, these attributes may be obvious (physiological changes to make the creature more human (bipedal stance, vocalisation, etc, etc)) or they may be much more subtle (psychological changes to make the creature more human or less animalistic (thought patterns, surpressed survival instincts, etc, etc))

You may have noted that creature and not animal has been used above, this is because the creature does not have to be based on an actual animal or even a creature of myth it can be a complete chimerical entity or even a gestalt entity fusing several different aspects together.
Indeed in very rare exceptions the creature may not be a creature at all but a golem or construct of abstract nature (example, anthropomorphic birthday cake)

Many creatures however are ones with high level of neoteny or aspects that the creator of such a creature finds admirable or desirable. Rare exceptions to this apply with creatures aspects being choosen by the creator for alternative reasons.

2. A fan of definition 1.

This is where it get's a little harder...

Fan (n. abrev.) fn

An ardent devotee; an enthusiast. [Abrev: Fanatic - A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause.]

In defining this term there are several alternative meanings for this simple definition, this is due to the "extreme and unreasoning enthusiasm" that many have.

To be a furry, like many sub-cultures, requires nothing more then to declare this to be true much like people who listen to music style may refer to themselves as Goths; Ravers or EMO.

However there are many different reasons a person will consider themselves as a furry, many people have a personal avatar of some kind that is an anthropomorphised creature and they may use this personal avatar as a conduit to express thier enthusiasm of furry either via online interactions, storytelling, character drawing or other medium.
Those without personal avatars have other reasons for defining themselves as furry, often they will interact with other fans and simply wish to identify that they are like minded establishing a level of empathy between them both, however there are a myriad of reasons as to why a person will define themselves as a furry.

Additionally some people are defined as furry when they have neither declared (or indeed in cases denied) enthusiasm of anthropomorphic creatures, this is often an internal useage of the term, used to indicate to other fans that that person has performed some act (usually creative) that would intrest other fans.

3. A group of def 2 that form a loose sub-culture.

The furries that make up the loose sub-culture that is furry (sometimes called Furrydom as if a state of being) are wide and varied, many individuals make up this sub-culture.
Like many sub-culture there is no centralised organisation but people can gain and loose kudos in the structure of furry altering how they are percived by others and thus often how they are treated within the sub-culture.
Indeed like in other sub-cultures some members try to get as little kudos as possible (instead getting infamous reputation) delibratley to appear subversive to others.
Various factions appear within the sub-culture, limited as usual only to people's creative imagination, if you can think of it there will be a group (sometimes very small) of like minded individuals that may share that intrest.

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