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Song meme

Everyone else is doing it...

1. In some place I can hang my hat in some place for a dog and the cat in some place, hardly imagines that we will find a place called sits. A place with of which we seek the place with we let us wait wish seek wishes, a place called sits.

2. Human what they seem, is not it to be means not that much at me not, not much the whole. If you are small and tiny, them choient your nice hiney, but if you are he discret simple he are "shoo shoo except this" and "you do not develop challenge scrape on", if they call you of everything that it is always "deaf-mute cat."

3. I am, in Tizzy impetuous which I am acrophobic. It inclines, katapli' ssw I think that I am sick. So unfortunately I dimensions cannot hold a rotation. I consider it partly those which I as cements ascending of the tree am left.

4. To try the significance now to cease for two which is? Are me and to you only us them pros with are to be given kicks the know-how which of each place which we place one paw day had. We are not by test for two.

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