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Everyone has gone to bed.

Can't blame them really, it's kinda early.


I wanted to go see thumperdarabbit today but didn't have a car so that was kind of sucky.

Might go pop in on Camrath if he's around and say "hiiiii" and stuff, dunno if he's still up here in Aberdeen however, I do miss him terribly when he's not around.

I have a growing list of people that I really want to meet and just sit and eat marshmallows with chatting about how things suck lots but hey that can be cool.

The top five?

I guess... In no real order.

x. furvertyasha
x. clawz_skunk
x. klepsydra
x. gravecat
x. nekosune

No reasons, but yeah would be nifty and I like marshmallows.

Hmmm, Sheezy art is refusing to allow me to sign up again, I should go pester Killy or something but eeeh...

Anywho hope this night finds you all having pleasant dreams, i'm going to curl up and snuggle some plushies for now.
Tags: sad, snuggly, thoughtfull
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