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Had a not very nice letter from Wanadoo saying, "You are over your useage limit you've used 46Gb in the last three months, your allowed useage is only 40Gb continued use like this may result in your service being terminated."

So I phoned them up and got to a really crappy call centre where I couldn't actually make out what the person was saying due to background noise there, I mentioned this twice and the call centre advisor of course was unconcerned.

But basically I asked him (might have been a her due to noise I couldn't tell), oh wise Wanadoo minion, why oh why should I continue using your rather rubbish 512kb line for which i'm paying over the odds of £19.99 a month (as I applied really early on, if I applied now it would be £17.99/month) for this to get such horrible letters when you have my e-mail address and could have sent me a message as I was going over my useage limit rather then sending me a letter now it's too late and when British Telecom for the same price would give me a 1Mb line and better usage limits.

The call centre peon of course merely mumbled something about not being able to offer me anything but the packages.

So I hung up (saying, well thanks anyway) to them and have written an e-mail to Wanadoo asking for them to explain themselves or hey, it's off to BT I go.

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