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It's the first of July?!


When did that happen?


Anywho the incredibly cute tetarga tagged me for a meme that I totally managed to miss...

So here it is now.

Only ... a month and a bit late :)

1) Total number of books owned: Just books, 130+ however most of my collection is magazines or comics.

2) The last book I bought: Barry Ween Book 3 collection, given to my little brother.

3) The last book I read: Oribiter, unless you include Freak Kingdom: Slashback which I'm helping to write.

4) Five books that mean a lot to me:
The Hatchet, given to me by an aunt
Jurassic Park, First book I purchased
To hunt the Potkemin, First book I realeased on book crossing
Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook 3.5, Because i'm reading it like crazy in preperation for DrakCon
Freak Kingdom: Slashback, it's 1/3rd my baby.

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