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Did you have a bad day?


Oh you want more, uh well I got in at 0755 and was promptly berated by Karen who is not the greatest person to work with I have found asking if was doing a "full shift" today, I smiled politely and noted, "Uh I dunno i'm still down for 0800 to 1700"

Nothing more was said by Karen who I am starting to dislike as she phones Nick whilst I'm putting my coat away and tells him this, Nick romps downstairs to berate me some more in what I would personally class as workplace bullying, something about leaving right now if I didn't work until 1900 is my basis of this.

So uhm yes i'm now doing 0700 to 1900 (but it's not quite, it's 0730 to 1930, roughly sort of) I actually don't care as long as a manager (That would be Alan, the only manager there) tells me, from my interview he said 0700 to 1900, we shook hands and everything.

Verbal contract (this is Scotland, it means something) and all I would think.

But eh...

I'll see what happens.

In the mean time must write nice e-mail to NCsoft and then go beat things up.

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