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And then finally

And then finally there comes a point to find a nice sunny warm spot; I personally like tall trees with large green leafs on a still slightly dew moist grassy patch with a cool breeze whistling by letting the trees sing in chorus.

So it is here I will place the few memories I have of moufette who ascended 1st August 2005.

I was always an outsider to the family of #watertower, maybe someone's second cousin that was let out of the cellar on weekend.

But it was family.

There were arguements, there were fights, and there was love.

I'd say it was just like a real family.

But it wasn't, because it was a real family, not obviously in a biological sense but in an emotional belonging, a connection to others.

I've always regretted not being able to fit in but i've always understood why I didn't so there's no bitterness just a deep sense of loss at moufette's passing on.

SNAF Egg thank you for being a part of the family.

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