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Time and tide

Await for no man, woman or cat.

Four years ago

Working at Halliburton, By gosh that job sucked so much, I can't believe I stuck at it so long. Looking at it I still have a wolfman plush but it stays inside now.
I guess I was thinking about Scruff lots after possibly staying with him for a short while, i'm not sure but I don't think Scruff likes me anymore. Ahh well..

Three years ago

Unknown It was very early in the morning apparently and understandably I was quite out of it... I never did get any pictures from Therians 2002.
Plus I got banned from attenting again.
Gosh i'm glad I'm not depressed 'cause thus far things have really sucked :D

Two years ago
British Telecomm Working at British telecomm did not suck, it was not very good but it didn't suck. I'd watched Jason vs Freddy and found it amusing, this still holds true :)

One year ago
St Machar Academy Just started this job, it was good but crazy hard I could never really have been expected to do everything they wanted but I managed to do pretty good everything given. Also went to the York fur meet and got hugely icky stomach bug resulting in lots of vomiting at Brazz and Sisco's. That was fun.


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