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Had a nice "chat" with arakinuk last night, I say "Chat" because I do all my chatting in little windows, i really detest using the phone I use them all day at work and used them extensivly working at British Telecom so when I wanna "talk" it really has to be face to face or over the interweb.

Anywho in that chat was saying how i've come to the conclusion i'm lonely, yeah there's folks here but I don't see them anywhere near often enogth and recently when I have it's been very fleeting at best.
But it's not an emotional thing, I know there's a lot of folks out there that do care for me and stoof so i'm happy, just physically a little distant just now.

So i'm hoping to see Camrath again soon and give him massive snuggles, would make me beam widely at least.

Or nekosune could come visit ^^

That would make me giggle :)

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