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daf666 tagged me for this meme, and since it's so completely self-serving, I had to do it.

Write 20 things about yourself. For every two minutes that it took you to write it, you must tag another person to do it.

Time Start: 11:55

1- I use the name "Runt" lots from when I first found out about Furry
2- My full original furry name is "Runt-Abu"
3- Fionacat doesn't have a second name
4- Squeeky is a mouse, he's also a bit of a baby still.
5- I am eating plain chocolate digestives
6- There are 7 windows flashing at me for attention
7- I am still in my nightwear
8- I will probably visit Thumper and Aimee tonight
9- Unless I can find out where and What Camarath is up to.
x- I love Irn bru
11- I'm slightly annoyed this is taking so long
12- I suffer very annoying but only slight hayfever allergies
13- I once sneezed 27 times in a row
14- It really hurt ^^
15- In university I caught flu and was ill for about 8 months
16- I'm secretly very kinky
17- I love roleplaying games, mostly D&D type stuff
18- I love card games even more
19- I own at least one sex toy ^^
20- I have applied for three jobs today

Finish: 11:59

4 minutes, 2 tags.

worcana and ashpup were the random people from my friends page ^^

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