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That's it really.

Bored and Lonely.

I wanna go chat to folks on Trillian but I know the second I go on I will be flooded by people saying hello and stoof when I really only want to talk to two or three people.

Uhm apart from that my world is stil banal and dull, working off and off and on for Driver Hire with rubbish jobs that don't really pay me enogth to bother with.

I can drive, I have an HND in computing, I have experience, why on earth is the best I can get sorting out warehouses, reading maps and cleaning out swimming pools?

Uhm yeah so i'm kinda mopey just now, sorry and such but if anyone out there in internet land can find me a non-shit job uhm name your price basically.

Oh and still no arts stoofs :/

That's quite annoying now.

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