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Me today: [++--------]

But why? Why this massive shift from happy positive bouncey to sour puss?

Well it's to do with this totally rubbish NHS Job Jump Start that I've been probably not even mentioning until now.

Basically it consists of a 12 week training program, of which there's lots of on the job placement where you are meant to shadow someone else in an area you would like to work.

As a bit of a precursor to how it was going to go, I was going to be working in central stores "shopping" for the hospital. I complained a bit since this is nothing like what I want to do as a career and the only thing this would do is give me experience in managing boredom.

So instead i've been placed in a more admin and clerical role, actually it's a purely clerical role to be blunt where I seem to have two jobs, checking the reports (using a access generated table and physically checking paper copies to make sure they match) and sorting reports (physically sorting reports out into alphabetically order) and any other job that nobody in the office wants, I have nobody to shadow, I'm just another pair of hands there.

Today, why was today so bad?

Because today I find one of the folks is away on holiday, and I am doing her job whilst she is away.

This really annoys me quite intensely, I'm not supposed to be another pair of hands, i'm certainlly not supposed to be doing someone elses job.

But what about the rewards? Oh yes the rewards as well as being able to apply for any job at the NHS (which I could do anyway) and getting access to the vacancy bulletin (which is on the web and in a more complete version) i'm guaranteed an interview for any job I met the specifications for (which uhm according to the charter they have is the norm) and i'm learning really intresting things that i've done at least a dozen times before on much more intresting training courses.

Fiscally as well as the state benefits (£52.65 a week, paid fortnightly) I get the mighty sum of £10.10 for training and travelling costs (actual travelling expenses are also repaid minus the first four pounds.)

Sooo let's figure this out, I worked 6 hours today doing someone elses job, they would be paid AT LEAST £5.05/hour for that job, so for the six hour day they will get £30.30, three times the amount I get a week!

Per hour i'm getting about £0.34

But this is not why I am annoyed.

Why I am very annoyed and upset is I text messaged the mobile phone of the co-ordinator noting, "Hey i'm doing someone else job here!"

She noted rather curtly that I should just put it down to experience and if tell if i'm having problems on Friday, but i've already told her i've been having problems with this placement from the two days i've been on it already.

Long story, short, I'm really pissed off just now.

Short story, long, War and Peace.

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