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Back home, hmmm.

Well what can we say.

Getting down was kinda fun, arriving was confusing as all hell.
Getting to my hotel was easy and subsequently made me happy.
The first day of Gencon was weird.

Day two was hectic, I came third in the UK for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (and with a Giovanni deck as well for crying out loud!)
Then it was off to run Team Fun and it was fun, the team were playing "Who's Ork is it anyway" which made a really boring game (the scenario was very flawed) into a very very funny cool game.

Day three was lots of running around London doing my own thing, that was the best day and I met up with a friend fae Aberdeen (Mattman) but no furs from london, which was a shame.

Saturday was LOTS of AD&D managed to make it to the second round (At which point I was playing a fighter in a diplomatic and thinking out section the horrific catch 22, play the character properly or go for actually doing something... I choose the former)

Then at around 0100 there was Holy Roman Tarrasque, with no Tarrasque, instead it was like Dungeon Keeper with us trying to beat another team by desigining a dungeon, we failed horrible and additionally manged to get completely stumped by the other teams dungeon (our own fault, not thier traps...)

Sunday was a try and stay awake whilst I was supposed to be doing Inter-Services DM but I couldn't be bothered hanging around to be told what to do (and nobody seemed to know either what was going on...) so I went back to me hotel room, sms'ed some folks asking if they wanted to meet up (they didn't) and watched motor racing.

Monday was today which I spent mostly on a train.

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