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Finding Cliquey

I've been getting a little isolation lately, Aberdeen seems full of cliques and i'm not really in any of them.

The few cliques I could be in (Furry, Roleplay, Geek) I just seem to be on the outskirts of not really getting that involved.

Distance is part of it, living 30 minutes away from town means i'm often just not around for stuff, but ehhh i guess I wanna be a part of something bigger.

I'm trying that with an upcoming project called Tangled Threads but i'm not getting a real sense of connection yet as it's with folks from the Roleplay groups (2 different cliques of roleplay groups as well (EX-KGB and Old Skool Aberdeen Roleplay Society)) neither of which I really fit into that well.

Furry ehhh Henry is back down south anna never see Draco/Null/Kyth.

Geek... There are geek cliques? I guess there must be but i'm not a huge geek I generally get bored and wanna just chill rather then chat about episode 2x03 of Stargate.

So i'm looking for a clique where I can be part of something bigger.


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