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After a normal weeked the strange specture of an ancient tradition rears it's ugly head, like some kind of hydra from the swamps of Ancient Greece, not that Greece had swamps, or hydras but you get the idea.

A bank holiday.

Why would a bank need to go on holiday? Does it get tired of staying in the same spot or is it just an excuse to rip more money off from Joe Public.

The former would indicate that banks like to get up at night, walk around the place a little then nestle back safely in the ground, that's just crazy talk.

Taking money from honesy hard working people, that's more the style of the world today.

What's the solution, there isn't one.

Dr Mondo would advocate making the former come true, liberating banks and moving them during the night, then in the morning when the staff come along they'll find a pharamcist or maybe a 7-11.

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