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I'm going to make a sammich now.

I put this under a cut because it probably doesn't intrest many people and those that do hear it probably don't want to hear it.

I'm not on Trillian (That's 3x IRC clients, MSN, AIM, YIM and ICQ) just now because whilst I really do like everyone there that talks to me (heck I even love quite a lot there ^^) I just can't be bothered dealing with anyone just now, it's an odd thing 'cause I always have fun; but not with everyone.

There's a few folks that I find just kinda boring, when I chat or play with folks it's the same again and again :(

I'll be fine after my sammich, but I probably won't be on tonite.

So sorry if you wanted to say hi and play.

I've noted only two or three people really want to chat...
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