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I escaped from the Dungeon of Fionacat!

I killed Stephenbooth Uk the leprechaun, Percible the rat, Llewellyn the leprechaun, Graywolfcat the rat, Stafir the rat, Happypenguin the gelatinous cube, Roxikat the rat, Redchocobo the rat, Spiny Lionfish the rat, Samapuma the leprechaun and Puddy Tat Uk the rat.

I looted a Figurine of Ruffleswolf, the Dagger of Sirius Moonshdw, the Shield of Paranoidpanther, the Amulet of Littlefurs, the Shield of Wtnet, the Shield of Diaper Furs, the Axe of Stealthf0x, the Shield of Arricc, the Shield of Lorefox, the Crown of Kinkyturtle, the Dagger of Trudyscousin, the Axe of Taxidermied, a Figurine of Sisco, the Sceptre of Shadow Blue, the Amulet of Zeshin Kitsune, the Dagger of Arakinuk, the Crown of Gravecat, the Crown of Kittibunni, the Sword of Surreal, the Wand of Roman Dirge, the Axe of Dakko, the Shield of Pup1k, the Sceptre of Littlefurs, the Sword of Xandertribal, the Shield of Filler Bunny, the Crown of Burfdl, the Armour of Delph Bunny, the Wand of Ozy And Millie, the Dagger of Mrpossessed, the Axe of Moodog, the Crown of Lykanpasifyk, the Shield of Dreamersofgaia, the Sword of Pikachu, the Crown of Darac, the Armour of Timmypup, the Armour of Rachelesque, the Sceptre of Silverblue, a Figurine of Mwerevu, the Sword of M:tg, a Figurine of Emma O Rama, the Crown of George W Bush, the Sword of Gypsyjr, the Shield of Cartoons, the Sword of M:tg and 171 gold pieces.

Score: 1021

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