Fionacat (fionacat) wrote,

My house

Well my officespace anyway...


Drugs- Ibuprofen, 200mg tablets

Pens- A fountain pen and a ball point pen, with the large jar of pens in the background, I am never penless.

Poker- He's a cuddly bunny kinda thing ^^ Named after Poker the plush from Furrymuck

TF Cup- [RARE ITEM] A Blackrat cup of a cute anime girl changing into a werewuff, it's super cute and holds lots of liquid.

Bitey thing- Recovered from a dell expansion slot I normally chew on this to pass the day, it's quite tasty...

Cat- Links is my default office assistant, I rarely ask her anything but she's there anywho...

CDs- 8 CD's here, 3 of which I have no idea where they came from

Post it notes- Where I write things I need to bare in mind.

Blanked out white bit- Departmental phone list

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